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Peppermint BoyPeppermint Boy Ref: SM095
a book of pieces written by a new generation of harpists. The pieces are fresh and different and mostly not dauntingly difficult to play! It does help, however, if you also have the CD to listen to. It contains recordings of all the pieces played by the composers themselves. It is time the harp repertoire received an offering from the youth culture and this collection is very important in this respect.
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Peppermint BoyPeppermint Boy Ref: A0245
Contemporary pieces for harp
A showcase of stunning and original new talent from a rising generation of harp students. All the pieces are composed and performed by the nine students pictured overleaf. Together they form a varied and eclectic range of exciting new music for both the pedal harp and clarsach. This album also reflects the recent upsurge of interest in this unusual and versatile instrument and it is hoped that many up-and-coming harpists will be inspired by the beauty and originality of these compositions and wish to play them for themselves.
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Online Catalogue | HARP SHEET MUSIC | Collections - Various Composers |  Peppermint Boy

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