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The Sons of HypnosThe Sons of Hypnos Ref: SM563
I. Phobetor II. Phantasos III. Morpheus
Bora Uymaz - edited Meric Donuk

The Turkish Music Series No. 1: The Sons of Hypnos
In Greek mythology Hypnos is the personification of sleep. Married to Pasithea, Hypnos had three sons who were known as the Oneiroi, which is the Greek word for dreams. Of the three sons, Phobetor is the personification of nightmares. Phobetor created frightening dreams and could take the shape of any animal including bears and tigers. Phantasos was known for creating fake dreams full of illusions. The third son is Morpheus, known as the Winged God of Dreams. Morpheus can take human form in dreams. All three sons appeared in the dreams of kings. The Sons of Hypnos explores the various stages of human sleep, from restlessness, to wakefulness, from frightening nightmares to sweet dreams, all induced, according to Greek mythology by the three sons of Hypnos.

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Online Catalogue | HARP SHEET MUSIC |  Bora Uymaz

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